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"Gaggle of Geese for Good"

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A campaign by Digital IQ
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"Gaggle of Geese for Good"

Neilson Park – Coonabarabran – is a beautiful tree lined park positioned along the banks of the Castlereagh River.

The Neilson Park area is well known by many travelers from around  Australia, particularly those who have stopped at the park to relax and recharge, whilst visiting the Coonabarabran / Warrumbungles area or travelling through the township, whilst traversing the Oxley or Newell Highways.

The park is and has been home to a gaggle of Geese for many generations, with reports of Geese in the park dating back 60 years or more. (A group of Geese is called a “gaggle”, try not to "giggle" if don't believe us try "google")

There are reports from within the community, that the “gaggle” may soon be “permanently relocated” - and by that, we don't mean "flying south for the winter"  (reports to be confirmed*). It is apparent via Social Media channels, the notion of removing the “gaggle of geese” is a point of potential contention.

Reasons outlined via Social Media  include:

The Geese are quassi ‘local celebrities’, as the gaggle of usually 10 or more Geese, have been photographed and videoed by many travelling visitors. The images of the Geese at Neilsen Park, have been shared upon Social Media channels on occasions. Positive experiences, shared freely, creating positive publicity for Nielson Park and the Coonabarabran area. (this has been also evidenced via Social Media Travel Platforms, where visitors have highlighted positive experiences, via engagement with the Geese at Nielson Park)

The Geese are part of the "extended" Coonabarabran community, with locals & particularly senior Citizens, making the time as part of daily routines to go and feed the gaggle. Nielsen Park is within close proximity to Senior Citizen facilities, including the local Men's Shed.

The Nielson Park area provides access to Health & Wellness facilities, including shared public gym equipment, walking tracks and more. These facilities are used by locals and travelers. 

This My.Regional.Campaign is asking for your vote, if you would like to see the Gaggle of Geese remain where they are located, 

Vote NOW to share your support and if you like, leave some comments regarding your own experiences or future thoughts.

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If sufficient interest exists within the community, there is future potential to explore additional opportunities for tourism and community development, connected to the "Gaggle of Geese" at Nielsen Park.  Voters will be kept informed, of other potential initiatives.