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Test Campaign. Do NOT remove it

by Johny
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0% 0 3138 days
Reached Votes To Go
100% 50 Open
Reached Votes Jun 21, 2018
Social Enterprise

Grass Roots Micro Trailers - by i4good

by Prashanth Van Houten
Grass Roots Micro Trailers - by i4good
94% 94 Closed
Reached Votes Sep 12, 2020
Technology & IT

ROOBER - Regional Ride-Share App

by Duncan Fisher
ROOBER - Regional Ride-Share App
110% 110 Open
Reached Votes Jul 27, 2018

Bingara Log Cabins

by Lance Wilson
Bingara Log Cabins
25% 5 Open
Reached Votes Aug 23, 2019
55% $5,520 Open
Funded Contributed Sep 14, 2019
Education & Training

Building Future Tourism Opportunities for Warrumbungles - Skywatch Projection Dome Campaign

by Gary Erickson
Skywatch Projection Dome - Help Build Tourism Opportunities for Coonabarabran
60% 30 9 days
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Community Resilience Ideas

The Phantom Menu Campaign

by Admin
Give your favourite cafe, bar, restaraunt or hotel the financial help, confidence and courage to get through this tough time.#ThePhantomMenu
100% $1,000 Closed
Funded Contributed Jun 6, 2020
Sustaining Community

'Donate Your Old Phone'- by Managed by Kate – Gunnedah

by Kate
'Donate Your Old Phone'- by Managed by Kate
2% 1 Open
Reached Votes Jul 9, 2020
Group Idea

"Gaggle of Geese for Good"

by Digital IQ
Nielsen Park - Gaggle of Geese - good for tourism & the community.
73% 293 Finished
Reached Votes Jun 30, 2020