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The Phantom Menu Campaign

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The Phantom Menu Campaign

Our Mission is simple - to see your favourite venue get the financial and emotional support they need right now.

Your generosity can help your favourite venue direct, to help them 'ride the curve' and get through the other side when they can re-open.

Whilst many of us are required to self-isolate and work from home our favourite barista, bartender, waiter and concierge is doing it tough. We are wanting to provide them with much needed financial support but also let them know we miss them too. Via our campaign you can place a "Phantom Order" for one of our item and send the order to your favourite venue - its that easy.

The menu has four items - a $5 cup of coffee, a $10 beer / wine, a $25 meal and a $100 hotel room else choose to contrbute your chosen amount. The price of the Phantom Menu item is incidental as there is no obligation for the venue to provide anything for the Phantom Order other than the hope that they will be open when you are able to return.

We ask that you provide as much information as possible for us to identify your favourite venue. 

At the end of each fortnight we will collate the Phantom Orders and send out a letter / email with the payment to the nominated businesses. We are amount for at least $1,000 per community but the more the better. In addition to the funds the venue will receive a list of those customers who have elected not to remain anonymous and are looking forward to returning in the coming months. 

If we are unable to get in contact with business after 3 attempts we will donate the funds to Hospo for Life - a charity that helps the hospitality industry overcome mental health issues. 

Remember to share this campaign with your friends so that they can support their favourite venue too. Simply click on one of the social media icons and share away or have them visit our website

#ThePhantomMenu #LetsBeatCovid19

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