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How To Create A Winning Campaign


Campaigns are the backbone of our site and how you can get funded.

You can create your own campaign by signing up and clicking the Create button at the top of the page.

This will then open the “Create A New Campaign” form like this.

To lodge a campaign please complete each section as below


The title of the campaign appears on the campaign badge and the tagline section beneath the white section at the top of the page.


Provide a description regarding your campaign including key areas of interest, what funds may be used for and how it will benefit you and the community.


This area is a short description only and will be shown on the campaign badge before a supporter click your badge to learn more.


Type in the location of your campaign. This may be used by your local supporters to find your campaign. We recommend using the council / LGA you reside in – e.g. Tamworth, New South Wales – not the specific suburb such as Calala as this may limit the discovery of your campaign.


Select a category that best suits your idea or venture.


We can support Vimeo, Youtube, or an image for the main campaign video/image. We recommend recording a short video to promote you and your campaign. If you are not able to record something give us a call and we may be able to assist in how to present.


Choose between 3 campaign strategies:

All or Nothing – All contributions are refunded unless the goal is reached.

Keep it All – The campaign keeps any money raised. No refunds.

Voting – The campaign receives votes instead of monetary contributions.


How long the campaign will be live for. You can set this period yourself but we suggest you limit your campaign to no longer than 6 months. If your campaign is to support a project that occurs on a specific date such as representing the region in a sporting event your campaign should not be longer than the date of that event.


The amount of money your campaign hopes to get.

Once you have saved and previewed your campaign you may set any rewards you wish to add to your campaign.


You can increase the number of contributions you receive by offering rewards when someone contributes. When logged in as a campaigner rewards can be managed from the Rewards tab on the campaign page. This will be available after saving the initial campaign date as per above.

A reward maybe be something like a ticket in a raffle, a copy of an album once recorded or even an entry into an event. You can specify at what contribution level a reward may be claimed and limit the maximum number of rewards you may wish to offer.

All rewards must be capable of being provided and should the cost of providing a reward must be included in your budget. Also after a reward has been claimed by a user, it cannot be edited or removed.


Once a campaign has been submitted and approved you can manage your own campaign in the “My Campaigns” list from your profile tab. To access this login and select the Profile tab under “You” in the top right-hand side of the website.

This area will allow you to provide Updates and reply to Comments left by contributors at the bottom of the page. We strongly recommend campaigners to regularly update their page and respond quickly to any comments submitted.


Campaign Badges are the summarised icon that is presented on the front page of our site. These are able to be linked to your Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter feeds. They can also be embedded into other websites to advertise your campaign and increase traffic to your campaign landing page. The more you promote your campaign the more successful you will be.


Here are some tips to help campaigns get more contributions:

1. A slow campaign means contributors are not attracted to your pitch. Look at the campaign page. Would you contribute to your own campaign? Change the picture, video and text. Make use of commitments and rewards. Don’t hesitate to look at what others have done both in Australia and overseas to reach their goals.

2. Contributors should be excited about their own project. Market, market and market your campaign. The embedded links and social media tabs to market your campaign are a fantastic resource. Get your friends, family, network partners, sporting club, school, local councils, newspapers and anyone who will listen to promote your campaign using these links.

3. Sharing on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and much more) is a great, easy and cheap way of advertising.

4. Help is available. We will try and inform about suggested change that may work and how you can get the best outcome.