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Building Future Tourism Opportunities for Warrumbungles - Skywatch Projection Dome Campaign

A campaign by Gary Erickson

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A campaign by Gary Erickson
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Building Future Tourism Opportunities for Warrumbungles - Skywatch Projection Dome Campaign

Skywatch Observatory Domestays - Coonabarabran - is an iconic tourist attraction, that forms an integral part of the vibrant Warrumbungle Tourism  Destination economy. 

Skywatch Observatory Domestays (Skywatch) provides a majestic opportunity for visitors to view the regional nightskies.

The location provides unforgettable experiences, as visitors can view the regional night skies through telescopes including a  12.5″ Newtonian telescope housed within a geodesic domed observatory.  The telescope is easily accessible for all ages and  to maximize viewing experiences, enthusiastic and experienced hosts share their bounty of astronomical knowledge. 

Skywatch is ideally located, central to town provided facilities and other key Warrumbungle Tourism  Destination economy elements in including the Siding Spring Observatory, Warrumbungle National Park, Pilliga Forest experiences and much more.

Via the Skywatch Observatory, visitors experience close and personal observations of the moon, planets, brighter nebulae, stars, and star clusters. However, a challenge is presented due to weather patterns, that can potentially disrupt viewing opportunities. 

To maximize visitor experiences and providing contingency viewing and educational opportunities, Skywatch proposes to design, develop and build a "Night Skies Projection Dome"

This campaign seeks to generate community support for the idea.  The basis for the project are :

1) Create an as needed “cloudy weather” option for tourists visiting the Warrumbungle area where the night skies above the observatory are recorded and then projected within the dome so astronomy of our location and the sky stories of our region can be clearly experienced. Particularly for when the weather is not suitable for outdoor telescope viewing.

2) Provide an education, training and performance space for members of our local community and students at our local schools to learn about developing, producing and presenting content for projection domes and provide the potential for any suitable productions to be distributed to other outlets. 

3) The project will connect strategic and synergistic opportunities, for Regional Tourism planning, incorporating the Orana (Dubbo) & North West (Tamworth) areas. 

Our vision is part of a bigger picture, to grow opportunities that will benefit new opportunities for the area and for regional Australia. 

Our dream is to be a contributor towards the aim of Doubling Tourism to the Warrumbungles, Coonabarabran area by 2025. Currently Visitor there are over 30,000 visitors to the area per annum. 

We subscribe to the belief, that via collaboration, cooperation and innovation, we can be a part of the aim to expand visitor numbers to 60,000 by 2025, and then by aiming together for the Stars - 100,000+ by 2030.

Doubling tourism, will create a way to double the number of jobs available connected to Tourism for the Local Government Area & the broader region.

Additional to creating expanded job opportunities, our dream is to be a part of 'New Jobs' for the future; attuned to global growth opportunities. The project will seek to develop innovation across new areas including :

1) Digital and Multimedia Content development opportunities - training pathways for next generation tourism product development

2) Technical Tourism Guide development 

3) Augmented Virtual Content development 

4) Global Connectivity to Technology and Content development providers.

Please support our small part, of a big vision for the future of the Warrumungles Shire area and regional Australia.

You vote is appreciated and we will keep you informed regarding our project. We would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, inclusions for the project we aim to build.  

Skywatch Observatory Dome - we think local, acting global and connect regional. 

Thanks to My.Regional.Community

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