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Derek Tink


Derek Tink
Signed up December 13, 2017

Business and brand builder; harnessing the possibilities of digital and innovative technologies.
Self confessed techno dreamer and regional economics optimist; closet corporate anthropologist.

Business Past -
Digital, Innovation, Trade, Agribusiness, Investor Relations, Media

Business Interests -
Digital Strategy - startups, bi-lingual digital strategy, agri tech, Cross-Border E-Commerce
Innovation - idea generation, implementation
International Trade Development - Investment, Digital Trade, Food Chain Supply
Tourism - Travel, Trade Tours, Supply Chains
Agribusiness - Agriculture, Innovation, Ag Innovation
Business Advisory - Investment

Business Future - (2 to 5 years)
International Trade Development (Asia focus) with a digital, innovation, cross-border E-Commerce, funds management, middle market M&A slant.

Favourite saying - 'The best way to predict the future ? - go out and create it!



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